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The thing about torrents....


The thing about torrents....

I really wish I could tell whether or not any management is affecting me. When I'm on utorrent, my UL nicely flies along up to anything as high as 30kbps, my DL however, seems to rarely get above 30kbps. It might hit 40kbps if I'm lucky but no single torrent tends to attract more than about 10kbps. The thing is, I can't REALLY tell if this is just torrents being stupid because I'm a member of a site which holds torrents for studio mixes, forum member mixes, live shows, essential mix/breezeblock/BTTB/Peel/Blue Room/Solid Steel radio shows. The bods in there often support the sharing better and the torrents do tend to attract a high speed, going up to about 130k! (especially if you're connected to the one lucky sod who has a 1GB UL/DL).

Although I'd expect with the torrents only using 40k of my bandwidth, browsing would be unaffected, but it CAN be a touch sluggish to say the least.

I'm mean I could quite easily go elsewhere but after all that find myself sat in front of the same speeds. How are other people finding the going?

The thing about torrents....

I have had slow running torrent (about 30k) which has made my web browsing like a dog. This has been at busy times though (for instance I had it this Sunday) and, as I live in a densely popultated area, I just put it down to my exchange being busy.

The thing about torrents....

Sounds like the same situ as me then, same kind of time. Fair enough, I suspected it was just the nature of torrents in general!

The thing about torrents....

If your torrent uploads '30kbs' thats your bandwidth used up, theres no spare bandwidth to come back down. You see the up and down isnt seperate its proportional..

so say your on 512 ~ highest you get is 65kbs and 30kbs upload. If you upload at 20kb/s you can only download at 20kb/s if you upload at 15kb/s you can only download at 30kb/s and similar if you upload flat out at 30kb/s you cant download jack poop. Hence why yourinternet maybe going slow...

The thing about torrents....

I always set my uploads at 25kb/s so, allowing for overheads its the maximum allowed on my upload speed. I put it down to contention because I have had torrents running at 80KB/s download and 25 upload, with web browsing running fine at less busy times (when I am suffering with insomina at 2 in the morning Cheesy )
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The thing about torrents....


I've read over many days, if not weeks, the problems people are having
with torrents.

I have had download speeds ranging from 220 to 3 kbs, usually if the torrent
is well seeded I get > 100 Kbs. However you can see speeds drop off during
the day to ~ 30 kbs. If at the same time I download a large file I can get
200 Kbs.

It is really difficult to tell with a torrent, there are too many other factors e.g load
on network, number of seeders in swarm, etc. But I think the torrents are
getting strangled during the day.

No real way of testing that. In the end we will either live with the speeds or
leave. I'm stuck until next June.
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The thing about torrents....

re mouldycabbage above:

I'm not sure about that

However, a download will require some upload capacity to send requests for data, acknowledgements of receipt, etc, so if you cram your upload with seeded torrents, there'll be no room for these and your download will suffer as a consequence.

I'd suggest limiting your upload speed to say 20 or 22k. This should then leave enough spare to cater for what your downloads need, and allow you to download at maximum speed (all other things being equal).

The thing about torrents....

I was on about concurrent uploads and downloads via torrents as both are active.

If you have x amount of upload your download is directly affected because they 'share' bandwidth proportinately.(sp)

The thing about torrents....

also check that your maximum connections can be handled by your router, I have to max miune at 60 else it screws up my surfing ability


Although I'm sure that it gets throttled during the day, taking a lot longer downloading than it used to.

The thing about torrents....

I know its getting strangled during the day IE Off Peak.
As a test I asked a friend to setup a p2p share for me from his personal server a 10Mb Connection up and down....max speed I got through p2p during the day was between 30 and 60kBs.

Then as a test He uploaded the same file to his webspace...also hosted on his server and i downloaded it via http and got 200kBs...go figure.
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The thing about torrents....

Previous speed test results:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
09-11-2005 18:39:47 104.4
05-11-2005 01:01:00 100.6
04-11-2005 21:26:19 104.9
03-11-2005 21:29:20 106.4
03-11-2005 21:28:47 104.9
03-11-2005 03:40:44 101.9
01-11-2005 19:31:12 89.2
30-10-2005 19:56:11 105.4
29-10-2005 23:24:57 105.5
29-10-2005 05:28:11 4.5
28-10-2005 20:18:21 104.1
28-10-2005 18:06:50 109.6
28-10-2005 02:19:36 90.7

Re: The thing about torrents....

I really wish I could tell whether or not any management is affecting me. When I'm on utorrent, my UL nicely flies along up to anything as high as 30kbps, my DL however, seems to rarely get above 30kbps.

Set your upload to 20 - 25 max, and try it for a few days.