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The spam nightmare - what about spoofing?

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Registered: 24-06-2007

The spam nightmare - what about spoofing?

Having to cope with spam hitting inboxes has been tough for all PN users. Steps are being taken to filter, block and redirect spam sent to the usernames and addresses that were harvested. So far, so good.

But I haven't seen any guidance yet on what can be done - if anything - to prevent the spammers from using our PlusNet addresses as senders of spam. Recent forum posts suggest that this is already beginning to afflict some people - who are getting mysterious "message undeliverable" notifications in their inboxes. If I understand correctly, these are generated by spam which is using their PN address as a spoof "From" address.

This presumably means that our existing PN addresses, and the PN servers, all risk eventually being identified and blacklisted as sources of spam.

What can we do to reduce, or prevent, this risk?


The spam nightmare - what about spoofing?

Nothing, Servers are only blacklisted by IP not the sender in the header, my domain has been spoofed for 2 years.
PN are already being blacklisted by new filters in mailservers using Distributed Sender Blackhole List, look it up in google.

PN have dug a blackhole and it gonna take some filling?