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The only way to get a response???


The only way to get a response???



Yet again I am being billed for Plust Talk £2.99 when this service has been cancelled so very long ago. You have already tried to rectify this and refunded me in the past. Why on earth have you got it wrong again?

It's moments like this I am glad I've decided to move

PLease rectify this ASAP.

If I do not hear from you that you have changed the amount that is leaving my bank on the 3 October (to £39) I will cancel my direct debit. You will have to accept a payment by other means - I do not intend to wait around again while you investigate and eventually refund me

You have 24 hours

The only way to get a response???

I very much doubt that an ultimatum is the best way to get a response.

The only way to get a response???

maybe not but I now feel better!

This is not a one off, in July and August exactly the same thing happened despite me cancelling Plus Talk £2.99 in May. Plus Talk is cancelled on my account - they got it right last month but not this month.

Once you can forgive, twice - pushing it, three times...mmmmm!

If I new I would get an quick/early response I would not need to cancel the DD. Past experience shows the delay in PN resolving and sorting are too great. £2.99 is not a great deal considering the whole bill, but they should get it right.

And, as I've mentioned I've decide to jump ship - mistakes like this (however small) help me think I've made a good choice