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The new webmail is a pain


The new webmail is a pain

I have lost emails which have been deleted instead of going to the trash can, also today I moved a message to draft so it would not be deleted and tried to forward it to my partner and the message was blank and had gone from drafts. As this was an important message I am not best pleased. I also find it slow on dial up, no broadband here yet. Any chance of the old system returning?

@mail features & functions


I must say even as an experienced user I do still find some of the @mails features NOT exactly what I would call very user friendly, indeed some features seem counter intuitive really. Whats the point of having a folder marked trash if when you delete mail it doesnt go into trash before a final deletion. Yet almost ALL microsoft products and almost all other makers of email programs or email clients use this principal. if email is deleted it is sent to trash or recycle bin.

** Idefinately DONT like the button called "Move" its a very confusing label for a button that should be called someting like "Action" or task?

**F9 developers please take NOTE?

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The new webmail is a pain

There is a setting in @Mail (click the "Settings" link) which dictates whether or not Trash mail is automatically deleted.

If it is not set to auto-delete, it is deleted the next time you logout, like Outlook prompting you when you close it if you wish to permanently delete the "Deleted Items". Can someone from F9 confirm my understanding of this?
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The new webmail is a pain

that is my understanding too.

kind regards