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The guy on the first page said it all

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The guy on the first page said it all

This is simply a "no can do attitude." But that has been 100% consistent for me in the past 4-5 years.

Technical competence and technical features of PlusNet accounts are really good - amoung the best - and they are refreshingly honest about the status of thier service.

But Customer Service is appalling. Product design is appalling. Nothing is thought out for the customer.

What amazes me - and I joined this thread by accident - is that after all the comments, there is not one person - not even the manager, not even a db expert - who would simply take the potential customer's order.

Truly, PlusNet do not deserve to be in business, although in a funny way I would miss them.

The guy on the first page said it all

Tanner: I think you may have hit the 'New Topic' instead of the 'Reply' button.

could one of the hardworking Moderators attach this to the following thread:
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The guy on the first page said it all

Unfortunately no.
We can split threads but the phpBB software has no way of merging them together.
If tanner wants to copy and past his post to the other thread then I will remove this one.
Until then I'll lock it to prevent any more confusion.