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The broadband fault checker.

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The broadband fault checker.

Just a small request if it can be done.

Within the portal is a facility for self checking of your ADSL line with diagnostic facilities etc., unfortunately this can only take place on your own line.

Could it be upgraded to allow another user to check someone else's line for faults?
I ask this because this morning my son phoned from his office to say his broadband connection (with Force9) had failed and he had no connection at all.
Now to a business this is a disaster as without email and web access they are dead in the water.
It would have been so easy if I could have just typed in their phone number in the fault checker and run the line checks on their behalf.

Is is possible to have the checker changed so that instead of the error message about the phone numbers not matching an additional question could be asked if this is someone else's number.
With further questions on the user name (but not any passwords) the line referred to, and the ability to record the session and send the record to the user concerned by email.
This would prevent fraud and misuse of the facility.

Regards, Colin

The broadband fault checker.

Whole heartedly agree, it would make life simpler, as I have numerous referrals, and to be able to instigate a fault checker would make life a whole lot easier.