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The Real Issues ??


The Real Issues ??

I have noticed the many problems that go on with paying customers daily, ie.telephone support, fup, connection problems, max dsl, the list goes on. it amazes me that when these problems are mentioned force 9 staff are nowhere to be had, they are usually somewhere else answering queries from members with simple problems, i understand these problems merit a reply but why can't they address the real issues that a growing number of paying customers are getting fed up with. The service is total crap and people are leaving daily, its time force9 woke up before they have to chat amongst themselves in these forums.

PS: Wonder if any of them will read this and adress the point ?Huh

The Real Issues ??

Hello seahaven,

Nicely said and well made points, but I'm an old veteran of F9 & frankly I've never been this fed up with my ISP ever before. F9 are so up themselves they have stopped listening too anyone who counts like customers for example.

F9 management & staff must been taking lessons from Tony Blair and new labour on how to spin to your customers. F9 are only listening to themselves and their own Orwellain retoric. Faults, problems, communications, what faults? what problems? there arent any we fixed them all, we're perfect, service is perfect, you must be imagining it!!

**And now F9 have withdrawn any real technical support completely. Got a problem you need help with? forget it F9 wont help you.

**Please dont get me started on this hobby horse!! or I'll get really angry!! and ask for my MAC key which I'm close to doing I can tell you!!

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The Real Issues ??

If you..... Sory wait there, when you switch please tell me what ISP you are moving to as i would be interested. Oh and it might sound sad but i was wondering whether you would put up with them long enough but you have and you have reached more posts than your starting date and the current date (1 more required - please just say something like thankyou so I can edit this :lolSmiley. You have done more posts than years after Jesus died Tongue .

** I think that you should get a big thank you for your help in the F9 community

** I also think that you should get a free connection of your choice (go for SDSL :lol: ) the ammount of help you have provided in the community.


The Real Issues ??

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply, well Zen ISP is at the top of my list at the moment because they offer a similar kind of package for my needs. But the big difference is that they offer real phone support, so when you have a genuine technical problem you can phone up & actually speak to real person.

*Zen are a wee bit more expensive per month but its not much I think its £2 or £3 thats all.

*The problem I have with F9 is their reluctance and acknowledge, their own real failings when it comes to customer service. The sheer stuborn-ness to NOT listening to paying customers, the sheer crass changes without any proir consultation with users, the withdrawl of technical support which is a sad joke for an ISP. No! the problem is management and the style of management at F9 its dreadfully autocratic (which is a very out of date style these days).

**as far as I am concerned F9 have largely succeeded in alienting customers.

**If F9 loose customers (inc myself) then they only have themselves to blame.

**But F9 have stopped caring anyway so they dont give a stuff any more, i.e. theirs plenty more punters where you came from, so what!! Sad really F9 used to be a great ISP now its aweful.