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The Plus Net domain rip off


The Plus Net domain rip off

£52 for 2 years registration!!!

I also did not want them to renew it for me.....

I have been with PN since 03 and because I was not paying the £1 I have been charged £52.....

I thought I would have to pay £24.00.......

They then refused to refund the £28.00 I feel should be fairly refunded.....

When I can register my domain for £7 for 2 years this is rather insulting to say the least.

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The Plus Net domain rip off

The difference id that PlusNet are an ISP, whereas the companies that offer the domains for the likes of £7 for 2 years and the like have their main business of selling domain names. These types of companies will be buying a lot more domains a year the PlusNet do, and will therefore be eligible for much greater discounts.

PlusNet's domain charges are well documented on this site.


The Plus Net domain rip off

I was entiteled to a domain for £1.00 per mth.

Which is £24.00 not £52.88

Because I wish to pay this in one payment should be no different. In fact it should be a little cheeper if anything.
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The Plus Net domain rip off

As mentioned already we don't handle that many domain registrations and renewals, and as such our prices are somewhat higher than those companies that are able to buy in bulk.

With regards to your comment about the fact that you didn't wish for us to renew the domain for you, it is possible to select a renewal option via the Domain Names section of the portal, and you should have also been emailed regarding this before the domain expired, giving you chance to say that you didn't want it renewing.
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The Plus Net domain rip off

Actually everyone pays the same £5.88 fee for domain names from Nominet (if you're a member, which PlusNet are). Although the overheads in administering domains is higher for PlusNet since they dont look after as many, but this aside PlusNet are costly.

That aside - Did you change the domain name in the domain control panel to be not renewed? If not they are renewed automatically and you are charged the advertised fee.

The Plus Net domain rip off

Sorted it.

Common sence has prevailed and PN have sorted this out.