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The Plus Net Guarantee!?!?


The Plus Net Guarantee!?!?

Hi All,

Also being new to PN, I am not happy with the recent changes! I know this has come up many times before, but any comments about the following part of the TandC by PN welcome.

General terms and conditionsSadalthough does not apply to all) -

19.4 If you give us notice that falls before the end of your current Contract period because we have increased our charges or materially changed the Conditions of this Contract to your detriment, you may cancel in the period of time between the notice of the changes and the time the changes take place.

I believe Cancel is different to 'giving notice' and if a contract is cancelled there is normally not payment each way!?!?
Detriment - in that I have to reconnect if I leave my PC and come back to it 30minutes later!! This causes problems for my wife who is not so technically minded as me, concidering my router is on a different floor and she can not do it using IE.

Hope some one can shed a little more light on this point??