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The FUP starting date


The FUP starting date

As I understand it the following will happen with regrades.

Your line will be regraded to its maximum speed and then you have to go to Plusnet and do the regrade free-of-charge to your maximum line setting,depending on what service you require.

My argument is,why is everyone being put on the FUP from April 1st?

It's blatently obvious there are going to be NO regrades until the 11th April at least,because that is when your view-my-usage update is due to start.So I really can't see that any regrades will happen until this is working effectively.
Also at the moment it seems totally unpredictable as to what exactly is going to happen!
So,if what I said above is true and we have to go through plusnet to select our preferred package,why can't each individual fair-usage-policy start from the date that we regrade through plusnet?
I find it highly unfair that someone who has been paying for their unlimited service is being put on a cap from April 1st when nobody is actually gaining anything!
I am disgusted by this whole sorry saga because it seems that the customers are looking to Plusnet for info and they haven't got a clue exactly what is going on!

The FUP starting date


I totally agree,its bad enough with the whole 'no it was never unlimited saga' ( I talking downloads not 1:1 contention!). But bt and aol and tiscali customers were upgraded in february and here we are stilll waiting Sad
it is indeed a sorry state of affairs which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth

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The FUP starting date


The fair usage policy won't be coming into effect until 11th April (give or take a day or so).

This of course means that no-one is going to see the effects of the fair usage policy until the middle of June at the earliest.