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The 4400 or is that 10?

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Registered: 04-08-2007

The 4400 or is that 10?

I am presuming I am one of the ten people who have permanently lost their web site following the cgi fiasco.

Of course I am not sure because PN have not emailed me personally to inform me. All I have is the website not found error message.

Will I get compensation? I guess not.

Will PN allow me to migrate without charging me -they better well do. I beleive it is the least they can do.

Also me

Count me also...

10 people...yeah right... you sure about that plusnet..

The 4400 or is that 10?

Plusnet notified everyone who was registered to receive the service update with what happened, how it happened, how it not going to happen again, etc..