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The £0.50p/minute "consultancy" line plan


The £0.50p/minute "consultancy" line plan

Was not the real purpose of that long email simply to say that Plus are now charging £0.50p/minute for support calls ?

One of the reasons that I have been able to sign up my clients onto the PlusNet service is that I have been able to say "... and support calls are at local rate". They sometimes say in reply: " ... but AOL offer free telephone support", which they do of course, but to which I answer "Ah, maybe, but PlusNet is a completely industrially-standard ISP with none of the individual incompatibilites which AOL have". And so I usually win them over. I will no longer be able to do that if Plus go ahead with their proposal to charge for support calls. Plus will no longer be a competitive ISP, and the market is getting more intense, with Carphone Warehouse, and Tiscali offering better terms..

If Plus wish to remain high up in the list of preferred ISPs, then they should not go ahead with this plan - we all know what will happen - persons calling the 0845 number will suffer prolonged response times. Eventually Plus will limit the range of queries that will be answered (already implied in the email), and then they will claim that users prefer the £0.50p/minute line and they will discontinue the 0845 number altogether. Some of us are not as green as Plus may think.

If Plus really want to get ahead of their competition, go ahead and scrap the 0845 line. BUT replace it with an 0800 or 0500 number that is without charge. That will really persuade us of their intention to improve service and support.

Kenneth Spencer