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That's quite enough...


That's quite enough...

Wednesday last week. Couldn't connect to a TS server on a specific port. PlusNet said it wasn't their problem - but everyone else I know was busy chatting away - and it worked fine on the base port.

Thursday last week. HUGE latency on Navyfield Missouri server meaning the game was unplayable. Everyone else I know on every other provider was busy playing the game.

Friday. Disconnection from 19:00 hrs until I finally discovered that switching off my router (fopr 20 minutes!!!) would solve the issue. Plusnet were dishing out bad IP's.

Today. Disconnection from 3pm until now. Went out and left my router switched off for an hour. Assume the same as above since my router had all zeros in the IP fields.

Today. No cgi service.

Tomorrow. Making enquiries as to how I change my provider. Evil

You don't get it do you? You charge for a service. You're not providing that service and you seem to want to blame anyone and everyone else for your problems. The Service Status notofications speak for themselves - one of which has been running for 16 days! If I ran my IT department at work the way you run your business I'd be out on my ear.