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Thanks for this outstandingly hopeless upgrade


Thanks for this outstandingly hopeless upgrade

Yet again...

DNS problems - can't get resoltion on many of my usual sites from your DNS server.

Not - it's NOT ADSL. It's dialup - i.e. your whole platform.

"Lookup in DNS .. not resolved"

Also traceroutes to just about anywhere are hanging.

It's your core router again. I really wish someone there had half a clue WTF they were doing.

Every time you upgrade you manage to break something absolutely fundamental to your network and then you blame BT and throw in the fact it's just ADSL. It isn't. It's your whole network.

And don't pretend it's just me again.

RE: Thanks for this outstandingly hopeless upgrade

Good Afternoon,

Please take a look at our Service Status page for information regarding this issue.



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