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Thanks for the explanation


Thanks for the explanation

I have been with Plusnet now for 4 years when I signed up I paid my money and got on with my business now I have to look at T&Cs every five minutes. Plusnet are geting greedy. I could not give a flying fook about there problems regarding having enough pipes bandwith blah blah people downloading this and that and nor making enough money.

Charge a fair price and give what you advertise Make it simple instead of trying to baffle your customers with bullshit.

if you can not do that close up shop and do something else to make a living

Kind Regards Coley

Thanks for the explanation

agree with you exactly ,this WAS i good isp now its down that slipery slope,
every board on the net with plus net on topic is getting slated.

excessive throttling

:x I have been with PlusNet for only a few months. I moved to Plusnet because BT were about to begin limiting my download to 30GB per month and Plusnet advertised NO DOWNLOAD LIMITS. Now they have changed their tune and have imposed highly restrictive limits of 15GB at full bandwidth and any more at approx 1.25% of full bandwidth, EXCESSIVE Throttling by any standards. I EVEN GOT MORE BYTES/SEC WITH MY OLD 56K DIAL-UP SERVICE.

you are going to get LESS THAN 800MB IN 30 DAYS at there throttled rate giving a capped rated of less than 16GB almost half that of my old BT broadband! And that’s if your line is active 24hour/day!

I was also appalled when they advised the change 48 HOURS AFTER MAKING IT. I’m sure that changing a contract requires PRIOR notice. I shall be Pursuing Plusnet via the Legal system to get recompense.

I have now asked for a MAC key to move to Zen, I suggest everyone who wishes to have an un-throttled service does then same.