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Thanks for Buggering Up My Connection


Thanks for Buggering Up My Connection

Dear plusnet,

Without prejudice.

After having to hound plus net to update my connection to maxdsl after already paying for a full month with the same connection. Everything looked fine. I could now host my bands songs via bit-torrent no problems, As we have a large fan base. Likewise downloading files from non bit torrent sources. Speeds were pretty good 730kb dl 50kb ul.

Now my problem is interleaving is stopping me from playing/acting as admin in online games such as et (server is on clan base splatter ladder with 1000's of players daily) & world of warcraft with team speak.
I also find the bandwidth meter is totally inaccurate.

With my old connection 200/25 my ping was a consistent 50 now its gone up to 100 which is as bout as useful as an ash-tray on a motorcycle. In fact unplayable at professional level. Im also getting 1000's of CRC errors and errord seconds daily.

My line IS FINE. No Faults no bad weather [censored] or anything. I am So p*****d off right now. Being a student ive hee haw money to play about with, and im wasting £23 a month on this [censored] + £12 bt land line rental!.

So what are you going to about it plusnet? I expect it too be fixed or you & i are going to have a fall out.
You have one week to acknowledge this problem and advise me on how we can fix it. As tickets don't get answered from what i read, i see no point in raising one and wasting yet more of my time.

If not i want my refund and mac code asap! As demon are more than happy to accommodate my needs with full speed and no interleaving (id recommended Demon in central scotland) I have tested demon with a fellow student in my town and it is flawless, fast and reliable! and is also unlimited with no bandwidth cap.

I personally hope it wont come to this but if im forced too i shall take any action against you i can.

E.g.. Boycotting you through multiple sources here be it, well visited band websites, local tabloids or through campaigns in collaboration with a verity of scottish colleges/ university's. As im sure young people make up a good quantity of your unhappy customer base, And are entitled to their say.

As i say, im not being nasty nor am i looking for a fight. Im Simply just sick to death with a unsatisfactory service.

I would appreciate any other comments or views on this subject from other users, and a quick response from plus net.

Mr Craig G Elliott

Thanks for Buggering Up My Connection

Hi Craig.

I am locking this post in favour of the duplicate which you have created in Broadband Help. That post has received a number of replies.

Cross posting causes duplication and confusion and is against the rules.