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Thank you


Thank you

To the PN staff who worked so hard to get this latest problem fixed - !! thank you.!! So far so good
I hope it will survive past the 9.30 watershed that has been its downfall these past days

To the customer services and support management and the higher management - please take the weekend to have a long long hard look at all the posts here and usenet and at all the reports filed by the phone staff. Read, re-read, inwardly digest and then come back to work with a proper sense of worth for the company and a positive direction for the customer relations for the future.
You have failed - and failed miserably - in your responsibilities to your customers and to the company.
You have a LONG steep hill to climb to reclaim our good will and our approbation.
I look forward to seeing the results of your contemplation.
and to some compensation for the failure of service over the last week.
A free months subscription would surfice.
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Thank you

The CS management team and many other depts within PN are fully aware of the current support problems and have already published initial plans for a complete revamp of the areas of concern.

See the following announcements:

PlusNet Customer Support Update

Update on Customer Support Improvement Plan

It is going to take many months for the restructuring to occur and the many changes, both documented and undocumented to happen before things will improve.

Thank you

AStonished at having no reply from any PN staff here
If you cannot even acknowledge a thank you with some grace you all need a serious lesson in basic civility and manners
If this is how you all behave you deserve all the disapprobation being heaped on you and more!

Oh - and the whole setup has failed again
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Thank you


Firstly I would like to apologise that this thread got missed yesterday.

Secondly we have some mail issues again this morning, which our engineers are working on at the moment. A further update with more detailed information should be available shortly.