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Thank you plusnet


Thank you plusnet

Always wants to say a big Thank You to all the brilliant guys at plusnet. Signed up for broadband last december, however my last ISP kept causing me trouble by not to clear my telephone line so that plusnet could not submit order to BT for me. what amazed me was that during the past 5 months, guys at plusnet were always there, they tried to resubmit my order over and over agian and also the unofficial help I recieved from this forum, especially Ian even suggested me to change the name of my BT account so that a cease would be automatically triggered. And of course they did not charge me a penny. So all in all, I was extremly upset by the fact that I had to wait for 5 month to be able to use broadband again, but the long wait seems worthwhile after all.

every credit to plusnet.
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Thank you plusnet

Thanks for the positive feedback, Its always good to hear people are more than happy with our service. :lol:

kind regards