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Thank You Plusnet


Thank You Plusnet

For 3 out of 4 years providing an excellent service.

The last 12 months have seen a significant deterioration of your network in my opinion and my now completed migration has confirmed what I suspected, the grass is greener on the other side.

I can now use my connection at full line rate using any protocol at any time of day. Browsing is faster [even browsing your own portal] streaming video no longer buffers, P2P and Usenet speeds have dramatically improved, pings have improved, in fact EVERYTHING has improved without a doubt.

I no longer have to check daily on the forums to see the latest, weekly it seems, tweaks to the Ellacoya, latest restrictions on **% of the userbase, rate limits, protocol classification etc etc etc.

I feel such a sense of relief to be frank as I was dubious that a migration was the best solution, which I know now it was.

Thanks for all the support over the years, good luck with the BT buy out and Happy Christmas to all at Plusnet and my fellow ex-subscribers.

I just couldn't sit it out any longer waiting for the excellent connection I once had.

Bye all Cry

Thank You Plusnet

Must agree, I migrated from Plusnet just over a month ago, and it's the best thing I could ever have done! Remote desktop is now usable, Usenet speeds are now upwards of 700kBytes/sec instead of 3kB/sec, I don't have any more email problems, etc, etc...

Oh, and not a Ellacoya in sight Smiley
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Thank You Plusnet

How much are you guys paying for your connections now? How much bandwidth do you get?

Thank You Plusnet

I am paying £21.95 for 60GB a month with additional GB available at £0.35/GB pre-ordered for 20GB chunks.

I think Plusnet really need to review it's restrictive policy on P2P. I just downloaded over 100MB in less than 7 minutes, peak time, which is absolutely impossible with Plusnet. By the time the file was downloaded a lot of seeds and peers had not even had a chance to connect.

Even the BBC have struck a deal with Azureus to provide episodes of BBC programmes over P2P.