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Thank You Mr Wyse...


Thank You Mr Wyse...

To my shock this morning I finally have this email.
At least they're doing something to keep the faith (just about..)


This update includes:
- A message from Alistair Wyse, Technical Director.
- PlusNet looking forward to being able to serve you as we used to do.
- Better visibility of your Broadband experience.

Message from Alistair Wyse, Technical Director

At the end of May we announced that we were making extensive changes across our Customer Support Centre. These changes were aimed at ensuring we could continue to offer the quality of service and support that we know you expect, and which at times recently we haven’t been delivering. We’ve been discussing our progress in the news section of our website at: - This page will continue to be updated with the details of what we are doing to fix the underlying causes of the high demand we have seen in our support centre.

Although the BT 8Mb MaxDSL upgrade programme has been the principal reason for much of our extra workload, this has been exacerbated by additional work stemming from problems with our business processes, support staff skill levels and the recent programme of transfers to LLU. This had resulted in levels of over 5,000 outstanding questions (aka tickets) and 1200+ BT Broadband faults awaiting diagnosis. We normally expect there to be less than 300 open questions and about 100 potential BT faults awaiting diagnosis at any time. The effect of this was that our resources became swamped, ticket turn-around times became unacceptably long, and telephone support answer rates were also significantly affected. In addition, we were receiving lots more follow-up telephone calls because of the delays, and this just added to the difficulties our customers had getting in touch with us.

The priority for our support team has been to clear the backlogs of outstanding questions, ensuring that we were making quality responses. At the same time we have been increasing the average skill levels of our support staff. It’s taken a huge effort from everyone, but we are pleased to report that at 9.00AM this morning there were just 79 Customer Support questions and 171 fault diagnosis requests outstanding. This represents volumes of work close to business-as-usual levels. Clearing what was by far the largest backlog of customer service issues we have ever experienced has been entirely down to the mammoth efforts of our support staff, supported by our development and operational resources, which are made up of people who not only have a passion for the business, but also for Broadband itself. Many of our staff gave their personal time in order to achieve this.

This is good news for us, and for customers. Over the coming weeks we will continue to focus on the quality of our responses and on continuing to improve our business processes, as well as the tools available to you via our website. Service disruption has always been there, but not in the same frequency as the last two or three months. As regards the experience that some customers have had in that period, we are truly sorry. We are determined that we will not allow this collection of circumstances to be recreated in the future.


In order to give you visibility of the performance of our broadband service, we have published details on our website which show exactly how our network management is working at any point in time. Although many other ISPs are now implementing network management of some description, we believe our solution is the only one that is providing the advertised product in a quality way, and therefore we are prepared to be transparent about how, why and what we do to ensure the quality of your broadband experience.

See for more details.

With Regards,

Alistair Wyse
Technical Director

You may have already come across the PlusNet UserGroup. If not you can find them at This is an excellent way to see more of what’s happening and of getting your feedback to us. UserGroup members are all customers of PlusNet plc, working in a volunteer capacity on behalf of other PlusNet plc customers.