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Teething Problems come good???


Teething Problems come good???

I have been with plus net just over a week now and been amazed how much i was throttled on my newsgroups, this caused me to consider a move pretty much straight away- speeds are atrocious. However in the last day or so i have noticed an improvement- Speeds are as they should be, and at peak time.
Im not a necessarily heavy user and came from a 512 wanadoo connection. I did raise a ticket for a MAC code because it looked like the shape of things to come. Two friends of mine moved at the same time and boasted of great speeds. This prompted me to ? whether it was worth upgrading to the £21.99 option to get better speeds, despite them having the same standard package as me.

Is an upgrade worth the money and will it gain me a more reliable connection speed? or is it as unreliable as others comment on and not worth the money?

As a footnote a friend of mine moaned to me bout speeds after a boast of normal speeds like i say above. confusion rains.

Teething Problems come good???


It sounds like you're on the Broadband Plus package (is that what it says here?). If that's the case, then P2P, usenet and a few other things are shaped quite heavily, so you'd get pretty poor speeds on those services a lot of the time.

The £21.99 Broadband Premier package does not have such severe shaping, and therefore you should see much better speeds on P2P, usenet, etc. However, you should be aware that if you choose to upgrade to Premier, the Sustainable Usage Policy will affect you. It's important that you read up on it before making a decision, otherwise you may end up regretting the upgrade.