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Taking away the ability to raise questions over the Web ?


Taking away the ability to raise questions over the Web ?

I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a way of contacting Plusnet over an email problem through their online "HELP ASSISTANT" without being able to find any way of raising a support case to them or opening a question. There seems to be nowhere on the members site where you can do this anymore. Am I being cynical, or is this an attempt to either dramatically improve their support statistics out to the public by making it impossible to raise support issues, or to drive extra revenue by only allowing support issues to be raised through a telephone service ?

If anyone can find me anywhere where I can raise a question on the members centre to the support team, please drop the URL into a reply to this item.



Finally found a link where to raise a question

Only took me half an hour to find this. For those of you who need it, its at
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Taking away the ability to raise questions over the Web ?

Under Help & support -> help assistant, every item you click on takes you to a new page, on the right hand side of any of those pages is a box saying...

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you can't solve your problem on the website,
get in touch with our Support Team by asking a Question here.

It's just like sending an email but you can view the progress on the website.

So you drill down in the area you are having a problem or wish to ask a question on and if none of the help topics are what you want, you click on the link in that box to raise a question.