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T&C's for Plusnet - Clarifiaction needed ?


T&C's for Plusnet - Clarifiaction needed ?

Dear Plus net -

1st off this isn’t meant to come across as a rant or any such thing, just perhaps to highlight that communications & T&C’s could be improved or clarified …

2nd disclaimer - I don’t do this type of legal stuff for a living (I do other legal stuff ;-) ), so I may have overlooked some things in the T&C’s however, I have a question:

In September we were notified of a change to the terms and conditions of our accounts, relevant sections listed below. However the link to which acceptable use goes to is the Sustainable Usage Policy Guide where it is quoted ‘Peak-time is 4pm - 12am (midnight). Peak-times and bandwidth values will change over time as usage patterns change’

Importantly, wouldn’t these peak time changes now 8am to midnight being implemented as part of your ‘vision 2006’ have to have been highlighted to us (customers) under section 24 of the T&C's?

I fail to see how a vision statement for 2006, can be implemented (in Dec ’05) without changing the T&Cs and subsequent email to customers, wouldnt this now mean that the statement ‘should only result in a small percentage reduction in peak-time throughput for Premier customers’ is now technically incorrect?.

It may also be useful if the terms and conditions simplified - along the lines of the plain English campaigns guidelines (even though I don’t always agree), and that the usage restrictions/shaping/limits - whatever, is not an external page linked to, but an integral part of the main text ?

Sorry if this does sound a bit wasn’t supposed to…

6. Broadband Acceptable Use Policy
6.1 General
Traffic shaping is used to a greater or lesser extent on all our Broadband Services.
The effects of this should be virtually un-noticeable to Business customers and should only result in a small percentage reduction in peak-time throughput for Premier customers
10. Actions we may need to take
10.1 We may have to alter code or access numbers or technical specifications associated with the Service for operational reasons. If we do this, we will use reasonable endeavours to give you reasonable notice
24. How this Agreement can be changed
We may change this Agreement, including our Charges, at any time. We will give you at least 14 days notice of any changes before they take effect.

Sustainable Usage Policy Guide
Peak-time is 4pm - 12am (midnight). Peak-times and bandwidth values will change over time as usage patterns change.

T&C's for Plusnet - Clarifiaction needed ?

Its a bit confusing, but the SUP peak time is still 4pm-midnight. It is only a 8am-midnight peak when it comes to counting the 20gb clean allowance for P2P, FTP and Usenet.

T&C's for Plusnet - Clarifiaction needed ?


The 8am-mightight peak time is purely for the 20gb download via p2p/usenet/ftp after which point speeds come down to 512 speeds, a further 5gb and they come down to 256 speeds where they stay until the next billing cycle.

The times apparently should change to match the normal peak time of 4pm-midnight sometime in feburary when it is placed into automatic rather than being a manual process.

Also, (im not looking now as im at work and i cant be bothered really..Wink ) but i'm fairly sure there is a statement in the T&C's that say they can change the times of peak times to manage their system as they see fit.
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T&C's for Plusnet - Clarifiaction needed ?


The Vision for 2006 doesn't represent a change to the T's & C's. As part of the T's & C's we reserve the right to manage the traffic as we see fit and also take action if your usage has a detrimental effect on the network or other customers.

What things like the SUP and the Vision for 2006 do is define what we mean by this and what action is taken. They don't change the T's & C's but help our customers to understand what we mean by unsustainable usage and what we consider detrimental and how we provide the service.