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Syncing at 8Mb, but speedtest gives 2Mb


Syncing at 8Mb, but speedtest gives 2Mb

There seem to be several threads where people are syncing consistently and constantly at 8Mb download speed, but are consistently seeing only 2Mb dowload speeds using the speedtest.

In order to get an idea of how common this problem is (and only this specific problem, please), please can you "sign in" to this thread if you have this problem.

I'm currently being told by Plusnet CS that my download speed is "within guidelines", but the "stable rate" checker shows 8000Kbps, and I am getting nowhere near this.

Syncing at 8Mb, but speedtest gives 2Mb

Are you testing at peak or off peak times?

Because I usally get around 2mb speeds during peak but at offpeak times I can get upto and above 800kbs.

Its only been on a handfull of occasions that during peak I can reach 650kbs
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Syncing at 8Mb, but speedtest gives 2Mb

You would get 8Mb download speeds if there was nobody else on at the time. Sadly, the BT network and Pn network re both full of people trying to get fast speeds, and there's just not the capacity. It certainly does depend on time of day - I'm rated at 5.5Mb, and in the morning about 8am I can get a speedtest of about 4, but in the evening, like you and everybody else, it's well below 1Mb.

That said, before MaxDSL, I often used to get 1.5 Mb in the evening, so it must be the vast influx of people new to broadband that is clogging the system. Pn have taken on a load of new customers recently with no extra capacity as far as I can see, so that would explain some of it.

I assume this must be common to most ISPs, but I've not researched that so I've no idea whether it is or not.