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Switch renewal


Switch renewal

Just wondered if people were aware that once Plusnet has your Switch details they are able to withdraw whatever amount they like from your account without your authorisation?
On Sept 3rd i received an email stating that they had withdrawn 12 months worth of fees from my bank account - (for a service i was under the impression i had cancelled 11 months ago!). As you can imagine i emailed them immediately to say there had been a mistake. The nice people at Plusnet then withdrew the money from my account on the 4th and posted a ticket to say that no part refunds for service were available.

I have never yet encountered a company which can charge for services which were not requested - how do they do itHuhHuh

RE: Switch renewal

Good Evening,

This is specified in the Ts&Cs of the account that we will take fees for service when they become due without further reference to yourself.

I have looked back on youre account but can find no reference to you stating you no longer wished to have the account.

Kind Regards

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