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Sustainable Usage Policy


Sustainable Usage Policy

We have just published a calrification and outline of our sustainable usage policy found here :

We've taken on board customer comments from August's exercise and have included more detail on the policy and have added more phases. We've changed measurement from calendar month to billing month based on customer feedback.

The reason for taking action is that in the last 3 months Premier customer numbers have increased by just 4% but in the same period their P2P usage has increased 100%. This is now causing us real problems at peak times and is impacting the experience of all our other customers so we're taking action for the benefit of all our broadband customers.

The policy affects less than 0.5% of our customers and as more than 90% of customers use less than 10GB per month they will not be affected by this.

All the details are on the page linked above.
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Sustainable Usage Policy