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Sustainable Usage Policy heres the problems I see

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Sustainable Usage Policy heres the problems I see

Everyone on here have been demanding that Plusnet stop talking about an invisible monthly limits and publish what they consider to be acceptable. They have now done just that and low and behold now everyone is shouting about them, well it seems no matter what Plusnet do you just can please some people.

I have to admit though they seem to have shot themselves in the foot again by hitting a lot of people hard from the outset.

All the people who have received those emails I think that is totally out of order. To introduce these new limits and then collate data from previous months and use it to implement the new usage on people without any kind of warning is in my opinion wrong, how on earth can they justify this kind of action.

I would have expected them to email the people who they think are using the network in an unacceptable manner informing them that they need to change there habits. That there are new limits in place and they do apply as of now and if you break them from here on in, expect the action to be taken that is stated in the Sustainable Usage Policy.

Starting to put people on both Peak-time management and 24/7 management from the outset I feel is bad management, I understand that the network needs to be protected and that any ISP has the right to do just that, but what about your customers they also have rights and just implementing changes and dropping people onto a managed system is just plain wrong.

I would also like to see a link from the Help > Self Help > Features and the FUP sections as I can find no way of accessing the new Sustainable Usage Policy Guide except from the bookmark I have.

Plusnet is there any chance that this immediate management of usage offenders could be reconsidered ?

To anyone who reads this thread I have to say that I have not been affected by the new system yet but thats not to say it may not happen in the future its just my view on how this has been handled.

Sustainable Usage Policy heres the problems I see

Locked in favour of this thread :

I'm afraid we're getting tough, and we'd like all discussion related to todays announcement in the one place.