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Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?


Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?

Currently I am on IPstream2000, or I believe I am, without any problems with connections. From reading all the posting and the problems with the upgrade I would suggest, if not already done, for all MaxDSL upgrades be suspended until the problems have been identified and rectified.

I would prefer to stay with my consent 2MG reliable connection then be upgraded to a problematic connection.

The questions I would like answers to is: Why so many problems was the platform tested? Was an area switched over first to test the robustness of the system?

I live near BT research at Martlesham and this area in the pass has been used for testing new systems before going nationwide. I suggest from all the posting that MaxDSL was not tested this way.
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Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?

You can opt out @

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Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?

They did do very lengthy trials - information here
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Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?

You wouldnt think that BT carried out trials for many months before launching it in full in April would you :/

The thing is now its *out in the wild* many more users are getting it, along with the more variants of differing users lines.

The cynic in me sometimes wonders about the value of some of the the trials.
ie those selected for the trial was likely already on a 2Mb connection therefore in turn more likely to have a good line.
Some ISPs carried out trials that imho were useless.
Putting a user on max, and then the ISP throttling it to 2Mb wouldnt have done much would it.
It certainly wouldnt have caused the user to query "why are my speeds stuck at 2Mb" Sad

Suspend upgrades to MaxDSL?

Have opted out as the distance I am away from the exchange it's very unlikely I will get more than 3Mb and I don't think it's worth the grief at this time. After Maxdsl is more proven then I may reconsider.

The nearest exchange to me is 400 metres away but the one that I am on is 4km away. Cabling from the nearest exchange pass my property not that far from me as houses behind me are on this exchange. Does anyone know whether BT plan to revisit the street cabling as there most be many in my situation where it would be advantageous to move the connection to a closer exchange.