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Support line wind-up


Support line wind-up

Dear PlusNet,

The only time I ever phone your support desk is when I have a connection issue (as I do today). Normally, when I lose my connectivity, I cannot use the web. So, when I call, silently fuming as I wait for a human being to bail me out of the interminable queue, and I hear gems like the following:

"If you are having problems with your connection, you can visit the support section of our web site, or ask a question online."

... it makes me want to smash my telephone into a million tiny pieces. No connection usually means just that: being able to do sweet fanny adams online.

The only reason I'm able to write this is because my mate down the road (also a PlusNet customer) has a working BB Plus line while my BB Premier line is screwed. If it's a BT South East issue, why is his line up and mine down?

Seriously, your poor support line response during the last two connection issues is the sole reason I'm currently considering ending my 5 year association with PlusNet. I'm a home-based, remote IT worker and the flakey response all round gives me huge cause for concern, especially with nobody to talk to at the other end.

Sort it out. Please.


Support line wind-up

Hi Iain,

Welcome to the forums.

I agree, the message which you have quoted could be better worded. perhaps if it were prefixed with, If you currently have access to the internet.............

Moving on to your connection issue. The BT outage which affected the South East should now be cleared. If you are still experiencing problems, the advice is to power down your modem / router for about 1 hour and see if that resolves the problem.

If not, shout back and we'll see what can be done.

Support line wind-up

I completey sympathise as I sit here wondering exactly what award was won by this service.

Firstly it takes about an hour to find the tleephone numbers on the website. Then I call Business Sales and the phone just rings until it hangs up. So I call Residential Sales and get a billion options to go through, none of which apply to me so I end up stabbing the 0 button about 50 times until I get put into a queue, in which I'm still waiting.

If I ran my Business like this I'd soon not have one...

...and just to add I have also been with PlusNet 5 years, so I remember the original support that *was* good. Now I have been moved onto a limited bandwidth connection from my unlimited original contract, the sevice quite frankly sucks, and I'm wondering what the hell I am doing putting up with it.