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Support Training Issues...


Support Training Issues...


You may want to take a look at ticket 19966358, as it looks like you have some training issues with house moves and DSL cease/reprovides.

My ticket appears to be on the road to being fixed, but the conflicting responses from support staff were driving me completely nuts... especially with the delay in each response.

Thankfully, after spending an hour and a half in the phone queue, I managed to get through to an agent that previously worked on DSL provisioning and actually checked that my order could be placed - and did so on the phone.. rather than just telling me that the order couldn't be placed yada yada even though, on the last time I spent an hour on hold, I was told the line was clear!

I've been a Plusnet customer for years now and have recommended your services to others - I don't think I can do this again until you get the support procedures and ticket response times sorted out.

I'd thank the support agent but I know its against the rules to publish names on the forums.