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Support Phone Number?


Support Phone Number?

Where is the phone number to contact support? I'm sure it used to be on each page and in the Help section but I cannot find it and havn't got time on dial up to trawl through every page trying to find it. Evil

Mr BB+ connection has been down for 2 days, I raised a fault through the ticket system and Plus Net's tests failed and still there has been no reply or escalation withing Plus Net. The last notes on my ticket, nearly 24 hours ago say:

Script User Unused - ADC - Developers 9:34pm, Monday 26th June 2006
Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ Completed ]
The Connection checks have now completed
Test result summary: Fail
We have completed testing of your broadband service. The results indicate that the fault may be caused by a problem with our systems. More information may be available on our Service Status page. Please check Service Status. If there is no service-wide problem reported on Service Status, we will provide an update when we have more information.

Script User Unused - ADC - Developers 9:34pm, Monday 26th June 2006
Your support request has been escalated to the correct team for review.

Why is it taking 24 hours just to get a BB fault looked at and how long will I be without service? Martin.
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Support Phone Number?

0845 1400200 (lo-call)

0906 7090002 (50p/min)

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Support Phone Number?

To find the info follow....
Help & support
Customer service
How to contact us