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Support Help Pages

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Support Help Pages

Hi Support

I posted this earlier on the ADSL Forum but I am not sure if you get round to reading those.I thought this may be of interest for users of the D-Link device.

As it states in the support pages on this portal, there is no reset switch on the D-link and if like me you have forgotten what you altered the user name and password to then you have a problem should you wish to access the device.

I contacted D-Link who told me the following.

1. Connect the 9 pin cable to the D-link and Coms1 of your PC.
2. Call up Hyperterminal from Start-accessories-communications.
3. make a new connection
4. Set Speed to 9600
5. type in flashfs cat inituser

You will now be given a list of settings and will be able to see the current username / password.

The above is for Win 98 but will probably be similar for other windows systems.

As above it may help users of this device if you were to include this info with the help page for the D-Link.

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RE: Support Help Pages

Good Morning,

Thanks for the information I do believe that this is a standard workaround for this situation regards routers and setting them back to the factory default using the serial connection.


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