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Superb customer service


Superb customer service

I would just like to say how impressed I am with plusnets customer service. I had a problem of my own doing and it was sorted out with no hitches what so ever. Very impressive.

I wish I had the guys name who helped me with this. Anyway - thanks
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Superb customer service

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback Cheesy , I will pass your comments on to the last couple of agents who helped you.

Kind regards


Superb customer service

:lol: I'll second that, never seen an ISP so pro-active in trying to please its customers.

Keep up the good work

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Superb customer service

I agree with the good service. When I first signed up for the service (11:00am one Tuesday night in Jan) I had a few problems/questions with the process but PlusNet were quick to answer and give me the info I needed. Despite some early setup problems [See my posting "Choppy waters...."] I find the service great.

And It's great to read that people what to post how good the service is. Most of the time I guess we feel it's easier to vent the bad and sad stuff and just forget to say how good it can be.

Thanks to all the support staff. I know it's a tough job to please all the people all the time (I've tried!!!) but I believe some folk out there wouldn't be pleased whatever you did for them!

Superb customer service

i'll er fourth that motion!

Superb customer service

AND the customer service team have just reminded me that my domain name needs transferring (for no cost too might add!).

Remember, this is from something that was entirely my fault. I am extremely pleased with plusnets service. Thanks once again.