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Submit a new ticket?


Submit a new ticket?

I submitted a fault ticket as my connection had become pretty poor (large numbers of errored (and severly errored) seconds and quite a few unavailable seconds being reported by the router).

Last night it had deteriorated massively to the point that the connection was all but unuseable - frequent loss of sync, totals of errored and unavailable seconds more than the seconds that had elapsed, etc.

Later in the evening, the connection has disappeared completely. The router has sync most of the time, still some reports errors, but now isn't getting an onward connection to PN - it's not even picking its IP address up. (I had this problem a few weeks ago without the errors, which was fixed quickly once PN got round to doing something about it). I've tagged a note onto the open ticket to say this.

The question is should I be rasing a new ticket as the issue seems to have got so much worse now (ie now no connection at all), or is another ticket just going to clog the already slow PN system up more?
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Submit a new ticket?


I can't forsee any problems coming about if you were to amend the outstanding ticket with any further information that you feel would help.