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Stupid Question (regrades)


Stupid Question (regrades)

My regrade isn't due till June or July (boo!), but when BT do the exchange, how will I know my line is ready to be upgraded via PN? I don't have any readout on my router (an old naff PTI model) that tells me as such, so how will I know to upgrade my account via the site?

Or, can I upgrade to the 2MB service via the portal and they'll automatically upgrade the speed at their end when the line is ready? Or do they need poking about it (as I've read elsewhere)? And, in the best of circular arguments, how will I know when to poke them?


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Stupid Question (regrades)

There was a thread complaining about this yesterday.
It was said that another ISP is giving its customers a tool to download so they'll know, but with Pn unless your router tells you, there's no answer to your question.

Not very satisfactory.