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Strange company

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Strange company

PlusNet is a very strage company. Most companies try to keep their customers happy to retain their custom. PlusNet on the other hand seems to employ somone who's job it is dream up things to constantly upset customers.

As soon as the dust starts to settle from a previous upset up pops yet another change to something or other to start all the unrest off yet again. Of course I have no idea of the figures of people who leave each time upsets occur but even if it is just a hundred that's a hundred lost customers that will never return. In a competive market such as ISP's that can't go on without the company soon going bust.

PlusNet used to be a first class company with a first class CS. A while back this changed. Who ever it was that started to steer the company from that point should have the order of the boot placed firmly up his/her rear end whilst there is still a company to steer.