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Still waiting for a cease...


Still waiting for a cease...

... I requested for my adsl line to be moved to my new house, keeping the same phone number, on Wednesday 11th of May in the evening. I was expecting to hear back from Force9 on the Thursday even if it was just to say they have received and will request for it to be moved. I had heard nothing by Friday the 13th so I thought I’ll give them a call and find out if it is being processed but maybe no comments put on the call yet, I spoke to someone who said its not been actioned yet but he will pass it on to someone to order straight away. I didn’t hear anything again until Sunday the 15th advising the cease had been ordered and was due on the 20th. I got an update on the 18th saying the cease was still in progress, and that it was to be checked on the 20th and provide ordered. 20th arrives and all I get is a message saying "We would like to inform you that your Contact Us Ticket ID [ 16545980 ] has now been returned to the P&F - DSL Provisioning pool. A member of our Support Team will investigate your issue as soon as possible " at 9am in the morning.
I waited over the weekend until Tuesday the 24th and called again because I had no update on what was going on, I was told the cease is still in progress and they will send BT and email to get it manually closed off.
On the 25th I get another update saying "Requested cease be closed off. Will recheck and submit order in 24 hours time.” So I waited until today (26th) for an update 24 hours later still heard nothing I called the customer support again and was told, "Line is still not clear, PSTN cease still seems to of not completed. Can we cancel and resubmit as soon as possible."

Two weeks after putting the original request in to have the adsl transferred and as far as I'm aware I'm still no further forward than I was originally.

If I had paid for having my adsl moved over would I have had these problems? Obviously a lot of it is in the hands of BT but I have dealt with 3rd parties in the past on a help desk and if something is logged with them and they don’t action I wont sit back and just re-submit I'll try and find out why they haven’t done what they are supposed to have and insist they get it sorted.

Anyone else had similar problems or can anyone suggest what I should be doing now, as I'm paying for a service I cant use and in the mean time I'm having to use a force9 pay as you go dial up

Thanks for reading

Still waiting for a cease...

May mates are having exactly the same problem. They havent sorted it yet either. They have just been told that the order to activate ADSL is now in though but that is another 7 working days... after waiting about a month for them to clear the line.
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Still waiting for a cease...


Unfortunately moving house but keeping the same phone number is not the simple process that it should. BT's ordering system works on phone numbers rather than phone lines so we can't place a new order until the old one is completely closed off. The provisioning team will be doing their best to try and get this done but it can take a while for all of BT's systems to update to allow us to place the reprovide.