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Still waiting for 2M upgrade


Still waiting for 2M upgrade

When can I expect to get my line upgraded to 2M?

I am paying for a 2M service, but only getting 1M, despite assurances that my line would be upgraded in Apr, May, Jul,Aug,Sep ...

The samknows web site shows that my local exchange, Almondsbury, was upgraded by BT in Jun 2005, but I've not seen any changes in speed. I have no confirmation from PlusNet about an upgrade to 2M, or a statement that my line cannot support an upgrade. Yet everytime I phone up, I am told it will happen soon!

If 2M is now the standard service, how about a significant discount to everyone you cannot get 2M?
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Still waiting for 2M upgrade

Unfortunatly this is all in BT's hands and no-one other then them can change this.

There are still people like you who are waiting for their speed upgrade but there is little your or PlusNet can do but wait for BT to get around to it.

I am in the same boat but my line may not even support > 512K speeds. As for paying a lower fee depending on speed, this is how it used to be because it cost PN more the higher your speed. Now a 512K connection costs them the same as a 2Mbs connection and the costs are already as low as they can go due to the higher costs of the BT centrals.

Still waiting for 2M upgrade

Strange. My regrade from 1mbit to 2mbit took one day, I was surprised and impressed.

Still waiting for 2M upgrade

Do you know your line stats?

This will tell you whether your line will support 2Mb

You will only get an upgrade if your line will support one, if it will not you won't hear anything.

Still waiting for 2M upgrade


The stats I have from my Netgear DG834 are

Connection down 1152kbs
Connection up 288kbs
Line attentuation down 42db
Line attentuation up 22db
Noise margin down 30db
Noise margin down 29db

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Still waiting for 2M upgrade

You are just about on the limit for 2meg with the downstream loss of 42dB.
Figures from modems / Routers are not always acurate so you could be in or out of the 2 meg limit depending on which way your figures are skewed.

Best bet is to raise a Link:Contact us ticket or give support a call and see if you can get an answer or a date.

Out of interest My line has only just been ugraded in the last week or so (I was away on holiday) and it should have been done in June. :?