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Still receiving a TON of UNWANTED mail (!)


Still receiving a TON of UNWANTED mail (!)

I am still receiving a TON of SPAM.
Sex drugs, illegal software, credit.....

I kept my Inbox clear in the past by being very careful.
PlusNet (v.BT) in one fell swoop made collecting my email a misery.
Several months on it is STILL continuing.
Maybe I should forward it all to the new director who keeps sending emails to introduce himself (couldn't have chosen a worse time!)
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Community Gaffer
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Still receiving a TON of UNWANTED mail (!)

Hi there,

You may want to check out the thread here that where the the spam problem is being discussed.

With regards to the email, I'm assuming you're referring to the recent communication from Mark who isn't actually our director. Instead he's been appointed to look after our referrers. There's a discussion about this here.

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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Still receiving a TON of UNWANTED mail (!)

Locking this thread in favour of the threads Bob has linked above Smiley