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Still getting disconnections (cancel account)


Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

I have tried to cancel my connection due to non stop Disconnections over the last 2 months, every day every 10 - 20 mins i get diconnected, this is the reply i got from my ticket.

I am sorry you wish to close the account. The following would need to be paid in full before this can be actioned.

Deferred Activation £47.00

10 Month(s) of remaining annual contract £219.90

Total Cost to Cancel : £266.90

These would need to be paid in full before the account can be cancelled.

Please be aware that these payments can only be taken via Credit or Debit Card, you can check these via “Member Centre > Account Details > Edit Payment Details” Please advise how you wish to proceed.

Please note that cancelling the Direct Debit will not end the contract, and non-payment may result in being passed to Debt Recovery which could adversely affect your credit rating.


so now i have to pay for a connection which is absolute crap and doesnt work.

and i cant get out of it...

Please help.


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Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

Deferred Activation £47.00 you obviously need to pay but as PN arnt giving you the service you are paying for it might be worth seeking help from a solicitor.
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Re: Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

I have tried to cancel my connection due to non stop Disconnections over the last 2 months, every day every 10 - 20 mins i get diconnected

Please help.


Could I just ask whether or not you have tried raising this as a fault, through the online trouble shooter? As if there is a problem that's causing lots of disconnections then we'll be able to investigate this on your behalf. Simiarly, if it is a line fault, its likely to persist even if you do move to a different ISP, as the line itself will remain unchanged.

Same problem

been having same problem for around 2 months myself had raised a ticket and it is now in process of being referred to bt today is the first day for ages that i have managed to get connected. my pc and modem work perfectly on other peoples lines to its either plusnet or bt fault but getting to the bottom of who is the difficult part. seems there are problems around at moment but whose fault bt or plusnet? Cool

Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

ive raised that many tickets its not funny anymore....

all i get is the same asnwer, fwd to BT.

Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

I have the same problem - random disconnections (loss of sync), several times a week, sometimes several times a day. On 26 June, I got disconnected for 48 hours. Then back up for a few hours, then off for a few hours, then on and off randomly. Then off for a day, then back on. Then off for another 60 hours, then on for 2 hours this morning, and off again for the past 8 hours. It's still off.

CS, 8 days after I reported it, have "passed it on to the correct department".
I have spent several sessions on the phone, trying to speak to a support person, but only once have I ever manage to get through (at 6:30 in the morning). Other times, I have spent up to an hour listening to Plusnet's CS musak (on an 0845 number), before finally giving up.


Incidentally, my line was 1Mb line - it couldn't support 2Mb, so I doubt it was a candidate for MaxDsl.

When the line WAS up, my router (USR 9106) gave me the following info:

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin (dB): 6.7 18.0
Attenuation (dB): 44.5 30.0
Output Power (dBm): 12.2 14.4
Attainable Rate (Kbps): 640 928
Rate (Kbps): 480 448
K (number of bytes in DMT frame): 16 15
R (number of check bytes in RS code word): 8 4
S (RS code word size in DMT frame): 4 4
D (interleaver depth): 4 4

Super Frames: 1672483 1672481
Super Frame Errors: 7973 2
RS Words: 28432227 28432177
RS Correctable Errors: 848738 2
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 17849 N/A
HEC Errors: 4129 4
OCD Errors: 26 2
LCD Errors: 0 0
ES Errors 0 0

Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

its seems this is rife throughout plusnet, they cant even support an email client let alone a maxdsl connection. As above they expect me to pay £266 to leave. Fortunatley i am moving on friday and my line will be ceased... which my new line under an new exchange will give me a new ISP.....

and Plusnet can ,,|,, for the money for a crap service for 2 months. THey have had 2 months worth of payment and thats all they are getting. They can threaten me with whatever they want but i have proof my connection is crap and the discussion forums are full of the same thing.....

PLUSNET ARE A JOKE from Telephone to Email to MaxDSL.... nothing works correctly, and whats more they dont even offer a slight nothing for a compensation, but STILL TAKE YOUR MONEY. well no more.

Ciao bella
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Still getting disconnections (cancel account)

I'm having the same problem. Been disconnected I don't know how many times today. I've used the fault checker and it came back as a fail, so this will need to be looked at by whoever it will concern.