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Starting to lose patience


Starting to lose patience

I've been having problems with my adsl broadband all week. Last week i had broadband plus, running fine no problems. This week i decided to upgrade to broadband premier i as was doing alot of file sharing. Having upgraded, that's when the problems started. How about these for premier speeds 68kbps, 66kbps and 297kbps. To be fair some were a lot better and some have been even worse. Right so far so bad, I decided to raise a query as enough was enough. After deciding to raise a query i was then told that i might have to pay admin costs of £56plus . With trepidation i proceeded hoping that i don't get hit with the admin bill as i knew none of the problems are my doing.
I posted my query last night at about 1.30am and received my first and only reply at about 7.55am. I posted a reply to force9's reply at about 11.00am. having done all the tests they had suggested. Now i have been waiting all day for a reply. I have left my computer and modem running all day, waiting for a line test, as i sit here now writing this at 9.54 pm. I've posted three prompts to let them know i'm still alive. Am i to be expected to leave my computer running all day and all night, waiting for a line test to be done, or even a reply to my post that may never come. Som much for closing queries in eight hours.
I am starting to lose my patience now. At this moment in time i think force9's support is lousy . Anyone agree?

Starting to lose patience


I wonder if Force 9 staff ever go on holiday too - after all they're people manning the support network too.

I've never had problems with Force 9 for one and a half years - the support staff had always been prompt and courteous despite my wholesale ignorance in all things technical.

Over the past 3-4 months, I've noticed support waiting times going up; I've been disconnected after a 15 minute wait; emails don't ever get responded to, and I'm still on dial-up, after requesting broadband since May. If wonder if the growth and expansion of Force 9 is slowly turning it into something as decrepit as AOL or BT services?

Despite that I've not given up on Force 9 - they're still one of the better ISPs out there. Tell them off nicely and they'll smile back and fix your problem for you.

Best of luck with your Broadband.

Starting to lose patience

Thanks for reply, I'm sorry you are having problems too. I gave up waiting for an update to my query and rang force9 support instead and managed to at least get the status of my query changed, which is keeping the wheels in motion. I asked how long it would be until my problem was sorted and i was told 48 to 72 hours. Better late than never eh! It always seems better when you can talk to someone in person and feels like things are actually happening. Also the staff were courteous as you said. So here's hoping our problems can be sorted out speedily.
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Starting to lose patience


I would suspect they stated a fee of £56 would be paid if BT do a visit to your home and find no line faults, meaning the problem was internal wiring or your setup.

If you are having problems with support issues give one of the Comms team a pm here and explain your problems to them, Ben and Dave will have a look for you.

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Starting to lose patience

Like i said in my original post it was at that particular moment in time i felt force9 customer support were poor. As I had waited all day and most of the night for a reply to my query. After i decided to ring customer services i felt a lot better as things felt they had started moving again.
When i woke this morning i had received three replies, all stating what was happening with my query. So i awoke happy knowing that i was making headway with my problem.
The thing i didn't like about raising the query was that it felt like i was being threatened with £56 pound fine(if you will) just for raising a query. I believe i have a genuine fault which from what i can gather has now been forwarded to BT (an exchange problem). Before i upgraded to broadband premier from broadband plus everthing was running sweetly. So I don't believe the fault is to do with faulty wiring or badly setup equipment, as the same equipment worked perfectly before upgrading.
At this moment in time I am fairly happy with force9 customer support and hopefully my slow speeds,( slower than a dial-up modem on occasions) will be sorted quickly.
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Starting to lose patience

Hi there,

The £56 fine is not a threat, and as long as the proper diagnostics are performed it is rarely charged.

We have it on the wizard, because it is possible that the charge can be made and we need to make customers aware of this when a fault is raised.

Starting to lose patience

Shockedops: I've managed to sort my problem out somehow, not sure how yet . My CPU was on it's way out, I don't know if that had anything to do with it. BT diagnostics rang on sunday and arranged for a bt engineer to call wednesday 27th july. I rang them tonight to cancel engineer calling., but all i got was an automated system. I managed to put on the system that the fault had been sorted. Do you think the engineer will still call or have i managed to prevent that. I don't want to be charged £56. Does anyone know?