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Stand Up Plus?


Stand Up Plus?

Looking at the forums for the first time in a while, the state can only really be descibed as direre. Theres hundredes of threads complaing about dropouts (some of which i;ve had myself) poor speeds, bad customer service..

This was never happening a year ago, is it just the customer base that feels plus is going down hill. Or can you as an orgaisation see wher there problems are.

As a customer, i now feel alot more pooly informed, and genraly iritated that i have to bear in mind changing ISP.. I cant see how your going to keep going at this rate, as maney people have decalerd tehre leaving, and i hope they are as well. I know i will as soon as I hit a problem.

By the way, i think i am one of the only people who think the FUP isnt too bad, allowing a bigger off peak cap is very seaonable compared to the 30/40gb all the time alot of ISP's offer. But it would be nice if you had expmained why you implemented it (the BT charging per GB i;m guessing). Also 150gb off peak would be alot more resonavble, and more in like with the 30:1 ratio that was proposed before.

I'll look forward to reading other customers views and employees responces. Just to ask that this thread be more constructive discussion that the "OMG PLUS RIP OFF LEAVING""""!!!!!ONE" that seems to be all over the place.