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Stable Rate


Stable Rate

That sounds like a good idea in principal Ivan but I don't think it works that way.

Take my alleged MSR - it states Your current broadband speed is 2000 Kbps

However having questioned F9 about why I only get 1MB rather than the 2 I am supposedly capable of getting their response was...

BT Wholesale report that upto 1Mb is the fastest your line will support and as such thats the line asset they have setup for you and which we have provisioned too for your connection.

So like you have surmised it's my guess that the MSR icon/link is about as much use as a choclate fireguard.
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Stable Rate


3. Check Your Maximum Speed

You can check your maximum speed at any time by clicking on the Maximum Stable Rate icon, found within Connection Settings. We suggest that you do this regularly to make sure you're getting the best possible broadband speeds.


However my Connection Settings don't show the MSR Icon

Does anyone else have a MSR icon (or not, for that matter)?
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Stable Rate

I don't have it either, I reported this on the forum quite some time ago and just got a response that "it should be there".... no action was taken to fix it.

There is a URL that will take you to the page that the missing icon is supposed to take you to...... I'll see if I can find it...

Stable Rate

Here is the link that is supposed to be on the connection settings page:

Also, if you look at this thread:

This is where I originally posted about this back in April, and then a response from jwhiting(f9) just below.

Stable Rate

Hello dsmirc,

NOP!! I dont have any icon that relates to MSR within connection settings page, though it sounds like a good idea. The MSR figure is utterly useless IMO as it tells you nothing valuable, it doesnt tell you what your REAL or ACTUAL speeds are and that's why I say its useless. The MSR is a value BT provides I think and F9 just set the line to that value in accordance with BT, its a kind of throttling as far as I can tell.


Stable Rate

<deleted duplicate text>


Stable Rate

Hmm the plot thickens yet again -

The response you got from F9 seems to contradict the information given in response to my queries on the same subject (see "I seek enlightenment" thread)

Makes you wonder if anyone at F9 has any clue about anything

GB :roll: