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Spyaxe Problem Any Help Please


Spyaxe Problem Any Help Please

Sad My son's machine has been infected by the Spyaxe thingie (not sure wether it is spyware, trojan,or some other malevolant germ). Any help or guidance would be much appreciated and may be helpful to any others wit this problem. I have discovered that it is a particularly nasty bit of stuff. It attempts to disable anti-virus and anti-spyware applications, and more often than not succeeds.

Look forward to any helpful replies. Smiley

Perhaps I had better post this on Internet Forum instead, but need as much help as possible.
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Spyaxe Problem Any Help Please

You could try this taken from this link DSL Reports
Easy Spyaxe solution

Some people (not me LOL) had the courage to ask SPyAxe's customer service & they SAY that some third-party marketer has is responsible for this mess, not SpyAxe (sounds like a nice excuse, anyway-- I don't believe them). Anyway, they have a uninstall program to get rid of the problem, so here's the quick & easy solution

1) Save from » to your desktop.

2) Extract 2 files "illegal_adv_uninstall1.exe" and "illegal_adv_uninstall2.exe" to your desktop using WinZip.

3) Double-click one file, then the next (nothing visible will happen. (these files ARE clean BTW)

4) Reboot your PC

5) For myself, I had to go to add/remove programs & uninstall SpyAxe.

6) Search for svchosts.dll & delete it. (NOTE: DO NOT confuse this with svchost.exe!!!!)

7) You should now be virus free!

I just sent SpyAxe a really nasty e-mail telling them their reputation is being soiled by this illegal marketing ploy-- I don't give a damn who is responsible. I noticed just in the past few days on Google this problem keeps spreading. Looks like they just shot themselves in the foot. They deserve it.
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Spyaxe Problem Any Help Please

My brother got hit with that one last month, and the instructions holtlane has given worked a treat.

Spyaxe Problem Any Help Please

Thanks very much. Will try this. Have aslo been in touch with Spyaxe and have now been able to find some more solutions. Will gather all together and probably put them on my SIte for general help.