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Speeds all over the place.


Speeds all over the place.

Have never had any issues with speed before, but for the last week my connection speeds in the evening are just half of what they should be, since getting a 2mb connection I have always been able to download from the web at about 230KB/Sec, for the last 5 days it dips to between 40 and 100KB/Sec (Have tried multiple speed tests and downloads from various sites)

I have a premier account and my usage for the last month was about 14Gig, contacted support but was essentially fobbed off being told that the speeds i'm getting are within bt's agreed standards for a 2Meg connection and I didn't have a problem.

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Speeds all over the place.


For some initial checks into why your connection has started running slower than normal, I'd suggest firstly checking your exchange with the exchange checker to ensure that there haven't been any issues with the virtual paths recently. If there's nothing being reported at the moment, the next step is to run a BT Speed Check though the best time to run this is between midnight and 7am. This will help to show where the slowdown is occuring.

Speeds all over the place.

Hello Darren,

Indeed, if your speeds are above the 400kbps mark for 2mb then yes, your are within the BT defined limits.
I have also had this problem, but this was a few months ago. Needless to say that I conducted a large number of BT speeds, tests along side a large number of ADSL Guide speed tests and also Plusnets own.

The same problem was evident in all, my speed was jumping around. The only problem we had was BT, who insisted that there was nothing they would do as it was fine (above 400kbps).

My only advice to you would be to carry on doing the BT speed tests while this problem exists as you may find some instances where your speed may go just below 400kbps, then present these figures to Plusnet who will in turn present them to BT.
It may sound as if you are scamming the system, but this is the only way in which you can hope to have BT take a look at no charge.

Jon has provided you with the links above, although there is one other little item I wish to add.
If you want to do BT speed tests but dont wish to be located at your system throughout the entire period, you can use this (fancy bit of script by another Plusnet customer) Auto BT Speed tester 2 .

Apart from all of this, like Jon said, it could just be that your exchange is filled to the brim with customers and your seeing nothing more than contention in action.


Speeds all over the place.

Slightly OT, but how can BT say that if speeds are above the 400kbps mark for 2MB then they are within the defined limits? 400kbps or 50KB/s surely would fall into the defined limits for a 512KB - 1mbit line only !

It's like the old dialup days when the defined limit for a 56K connection, was anything over 33.6kbps ! Whereas really you should be getting at least 44kbps.