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My 2Mbps connection is only running at 200Kbps at the minute, whats goin on?
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I can't really say without more information.

* What sort of applications are you getting those speeds with? HTTP? FTP? P2P/Usenet etc?

* Try a BT Speed Test. What speed you get?

* Have you tried resetting your router/modem?


I ran the plusnet speed check and got 121Kbps

I then ran the BT check got 113Kbps (below)

My browser is the only thing open, i'm not downloading anything else.

I reset the modem and it hasn't made any difference.

If someone could have a look at this i'd be grateful.

The speed test has completed on test server for user 0289066**** and you have downloaded a 1.7Mb file at a speed of

113 kilo bits per second (Kbps), your service bandwidth will have been quoted to you in kilo bits per second.

Your IP address is 87.115.***.***, your browser is reported as being Mozilla 5.0 and is running on Windows XP.

BT would regard the speed ranges shown below as normal service:

For 250kbps End Users speeds between 50 - 250kbps.
For 500kbps End Users speeds between 100 - 500kbps.
For 1000kbps End Users speeds between 200 - 1000kbps.
For 2000kbps End Users speeds between 400 - 2000kbps.

You may now disconnect from the speed test account (click 'disconnect' in your internet connection window) and if you wish to regain normal access to the internet please re-connect to your ISP using your usual username and password.

Please note that test results may vary according to varying traffic in the network. If you continue to experience slower throughput when logged in to your ISP, this may be due to a slow internet site or high traffic levels beyond the BT Wholesale Network. Please report this situation to your ISP's helpdesk.
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This is a BT problem not Plusnet (The BT speed test does not touch the PlusNet network).

You need to go through the broadband fault checker (under connection settings) and get a ticket raised to have a fault raised with BT.


thanks peter


Late reply I know but those figures in your first post are pretty much correct.

Your 2Mega BIT connection roughly translates to a 200 Kilo BYTE download speed - therefore no problem whatsoever.

Hope that helps.


You'd be right, except he clearly states the figures are in Kilo BITS per second.


yeah everything in kilobits. Theres definately a problem, i've raised a ticket and PN said the will investigate.