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Speed upgrades. Which exchanges, when?

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Registered: 06-04-2007

Speed upgrades. Which exchanges, when?

Do we have any information about how many, which, when exchanges are to be upgraded, other than it's a trial staring in April, with national rollout staring in September? Does Plusnet, as a trusted partner get any advance information or influence in the selection of these or is it just handed a list?

Speed upgrades. Which exchanges, when?

Hi there,

Unfortunately we do not yet have a list of the exchanges that this will be available at. We will ppublish it as soon as it is made available.



Speed upgrades. Which exchanges, when?

Dave Tomlinson posted a very good, clear, and concice explaination of the upgrade to MaxDSL on uk.telecom.broadband

It will happen automatically for all Lite and Premier (and pre-CBC)
customers. I don't kow exactly when it will happen yet, that's one of the finer points we are still working on, but what will happen is we will cut a request into BT Wholesale to switch all our customers to MaxDSL.

Assuming 4 and 8Mbps aren't available on that date then everyone on 512kbps or 1Mbps will be upgraded to 2Mbps. BT Wholesale believe that most of our customers will be able to get 2Mbps, but we know that some won't and these we will then try for 1Mbps.

Once 4 and 8Mbps are available then again everyone will be switched over
to these speeds, but again some people's line won't support one or both of
these speeds.

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