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Speed tollerances


Speed tollerances

Hello all

I have had the most horrendus 3 weeks of speed probs, disconnections, super-variable line speeds.

I logged a call and basically nothing was detected as a 'fault'.

So I changed my router & filter and things are a little better - but the speed is so so so so variable!

Then I noticed the table in PN help pages (see below) about Max (which I was upgraded to without knowing or asking as such - even though I now appreciate emails did go out).

My line is sync'd at 8128kbps. Check out the last row of the table which states if the speed is somewhere in that band, then everything is considered normal.

Jeez - I wish I could have such wide fault tollerances! Smiley

I am a little disappointed with this Max thingy - as my previous 2mb service was so reliable.

Anyone suffering the same?

Hey peace to all!


As a general rule so long as your throughput speeds fit within the following bands it is considered to be normal.
Sync Speed Performance Threshold
Up to288kbps 50-250kbps
from 288kbps to 576kbps 50-500kbps
from 576kbps to 1152kbps 100-1000kbps
from 1152kbps to 2272kbps 200-2000kbps
from 2272kbps to 8128kbps 400-7150kbps

Speed tollerances

yeah ive been logging all my disconnections for the last couple of weeks. really long list now...

speeds are rubbish. i ping worse to uk game servers than i used to to germany.

premier option 1 £21.99 per month for this:
bt speedtest

The speed test has completed on test server for user ******** and you have downloaded a 1.7Mb file at a speed of

163 kilo bits per second (Kbps), your service bandwidth will have been quoted to you in kilo bits per second.

Your IP address is *********, your browser is reported as being Mozilla 5.0 and is running on Windows NT 5.2.

BT would regard the speed ranges shown below as normal service:

For 250kbps End Users speeds between 50 - 250kbps.
For 500kbps End Users speeds between 100 - 500kbps.
For 1000kbps End Users speeds between 200 - 1000kbps.
For 2000kbps End Users speeds between 400 - 2000kbps.

same results on a few other speed tests...although when i tried adslguide i couldnt even connect :p

big problem for me. i only get to relax during the evening. to do this i play games. now i cant stay connected long enough to finish a game, while i am connected my ping is rubbish and i lose packets all over the place.

not relaxing at all...

and now im starting to feel ignored. Sad

in the last 2 days ive sent a lot of tracerts and pings to 6-8 hops between 35 and 81ms. pretty embarrasing seeing as its my isp im pinging.

"my questions" has all this info. waiting, waiting

jsut like loading the web pages, waiting waiting...hahhahah shocker. cashback time Smiley

Speed tollerances

I was upgraded to 8mb but the best speeds i get are 2mb 3 and 4mb on a good night. 99% of the time are not good.

Online gaming is gone now Cry for somereson even with the upgrad to the upstream and down all games lag so bad there unplayable :twisted: Plusnet was one of the best but now have fallen Shockedops: You ask youself why :idea: :idea:

Speed tollerances

i would like a staff member to respond to this thread.

why are they asking me all these questions (i have answered) when its obvious that the problem is at their end?

i only pay to play games online. not getting that, not getting any responses now.

Speed tollerances

They wont comment on this topic because they are trying to say there isnt anything wrong :twisted: When you speak to them and tell them about how unhappy the online gamers are they try and tell you that they havent had any complaints. That's why iv now asked for a Cease date..
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Speed tollerances

You're the twelfth person I've told this morning, we have not had any complaints!!! :lol: