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Speed tests


Speed tests

This is my result from this evening, also finding that sites I have regulary visit are working:


Which means you can download at 0 KB/sec. from our servers. Our results show that your current speed is below the level we would expect for your product, you may be able to increase the speed of your connection by adjusting your settings.

0 kbps YOU
53.3 kbps 56k Dial Up
64 kbps ISDN 1 Channel
128 kbps ISDN Dual Channel
460 kbps ADSL 500
920 kbps ADSL 1000
1840 kbps ADSL 2000

Am I, or is +net having problems?
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Plusnet Staff
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Speed tests


0kbps on the speedtest happens now and again. I don't think anyone's ever found a definitive reason for it, but tends either be just random or because of a firewall (most commonly but not always Norton) or something else blocking it.

If the sites are working I wouldn't worry about it.

Speed tests

Hi, sorry my bad, meant to write that some of them aren't working, same today as well. Also I went to check my mail, thro outlook. It failed on one on my school's account, webmail. There does seem to ne sporadic errors with mail as well...