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Speed tests


Speed tests

I'm on ADSL Home Surf at the moment and I have a simple question ... Why does plusnet's speed test always show me at 480 + kps when independent tests such as dslreports and broadband wizard can show as little as 250 kps?
Having migrated from Freeserve I am seeing a marked difference when video streaming for the worst
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Speed tests

PlusNets speedtest is local i.e. on the same PlusNet network as your ADSL connection so does not involve other parties except BT.

ADSLguide is effectively further away and subject to more internet contentions i.e. slowdowns, and access to the ADSLguide servers and thus may show a lower speed.

You might like to read the following tutorial: General: Speedchecker Reliability.

You may also want to try the BT speedtest which uses an even shorter path to the test machine than PlusNet becaise it is within BT's own network.: see ADSL: Using BT’s Speed tester service

What MTU values are you using. Maybe using a different MTU value in yoru PC (and the same one in your external router if you have one) and adjusting Windows RWIN value may improve your speeds. See MTU tweak.